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Horse Harmony Ltd

Fleece Combo rug with Neck

Fleece Combo rug with Neck

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Introducing the Horse Harmony limited edition Fleece Combo Rug with Neck. Your horse's cozy blanket!
Horse in pictures - Barclay – 12yrs old Gelding – Irish Sport Horse - 15.3hh

Key Features:

- Super soft 235g fleece fabric provides warmth and comfort in cooler conditions.
- Excellent moisture-wicking properties.
- Breathable design prevents sweating.
- Versatile: Keeps your horse clean prior to show, great for travelling as well as allowing your horse to cool down post exercise.
- Durable construction with a soft lining.
- Easy-to-use clean, can be wash in domestic washing machine.
- Includes a reusable storage bag for convenient summer storage.

Treat your horse to the luxurious feel of our Fleece rug!
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