Collection: Turnout Rugs

Horse Harmony turnout rugs are PFC Free!  

Instead of using PFC (PerFluorinated Compound) our Turnout rugs are coated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO formula which offers even better waterproofing performance as well as stain resistance than standard horse rugs!

PFCs are manmade chemicals that are widely used to waterproofing horse rugs. They are harmful to the environment and can escape into the atmosphere during production. Instead, our rugs are coated with an eco-friendly alternative and offers even better waterproofing performance than standard horse rugs. 

Benefits to the BIONIC-FINISH® ECO PFC free waterproof coating: 

- Mud/stain-resistant 

- Your rug stays cleaner for longer 

- Fast drying 

- Weather-resistant 

- Keep fabrics looking fresher for longer 

Our turnout rugs made with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO represent a great alternative in ecological and pioneering technology for new, permanent water repellent finishing for turnout rugs. 

If you want to make a positive difference to the environment buy our PFC Free rugs!

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